Education for Life

A new year offers us an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of our hard work and accomplishments and to look forward to the future. Reflection brings gratitude for the exemplary school that our community has created and provides enthusiasm as we recommit to the important work we do together in the community.

How important is the work we do together as parents, teachers, children, support staff and extended family? Montessori education is, at its essence, a movement for world peace with an implicit peace curriculum. The values of respect and community are core principles. They are deeply connected to the overall curriculum and create cooperative classroom environments. Children have opportunities for social encounters that foster teamwork, caring and compassion. Our collective work is essential to the development of the whole child.

We realize that the example of how we live and work together is the most important aspect of a peace curriculum. So, at Evergreen, we are committed to living, learning and teaching principles of community. Evergreen strives to be a model community, implementing Maria Montessori’s philosophy of respect for individuals, child and adult, in every aspect of school life.

The attitudes and skills for win/win conflict resolution and problem solving that we help children construct in the early years provide the foundation they will need for making peace as adults in the 21st century. Complex social issues and increasing global interdependence place new demands on our capacities to work together. Our students go out into the larger community equipped to be team players, peacemakers and change agents for a better world. Our graduates give us hope for a positive future. It is important work that we share.